Before you come to NZ


Please check the following useful websites before leaving your own country. These will help you and your family to quickly settle and integrate in New Zealand.


Taranaki New Zealand


New Zealand Now


Move to New Zealand


1. Ensure you have the following important documents for you and your family.

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Academic qualifications

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Credit references

  • An international driver license or permit. For more information browse New Zealand Land Transport


2. Organise accommodation when you first arrive in New Zealand.  There are many websites that provide information on accommodation in New Zealand.  These include:

 Wotif - New Zealand's favourite online travel destination 

AA - New Zealand Automobile Association

Airbnb - New Zealand 

3. Obtain a New Zealand tax number for you and other members of your family who are intending to work.

To apply for an IRD number, for more information on tax, go to Inland Revenue New Zealand or free phone 0800257 773


4. Open a bank account. These are just a few local banks where you can open an account:

TSB - 100% New Zealand Owned & Independent Bank

Kiwibank - New Zealand

The Co-operative Bank - New Zealand


5. Get your qualifications assessed to meet the criteria in New Zealand. For information go to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority or Phone 04 463 3000

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a small island nation in the South-west Pacific. The majority of New Zealand's population is of European descent; the indigenous Māori are the largest minority, followed by Asians and non-Māori Polynesians. English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language are the official languages.

English is the predominant language in New Zealand, spoken by 98 percent of the population.  New Zealand English is similar to Australian English and many speakers from the Northern Hemisphere are unable to tell the accents apart.

The country's culture has also been broadened by globalisation and increased immigration from the Pacific Islands and Asia.

The population of New Zealand is approximately 4.4 million and New Zealand is a predominantly urban country, with 72 percent of the population living in 16 main urban areas and 53 percent living in the four largest cities of Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Hamilton.  New Zealand cities generally rank highly on international liveability measures.

New Zealand is an independent nation and a member of the British Commonwealth.  Equality is a very strong human rights ethic in the New Zealand society, the workplace, schools, and in families.

The economy is heavily dependent upon overseas trade, developing niche markets for its agriculture and manufacturing industries.

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