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How can we help your migrant employees and their families?

The companies or individual employers are responsible for their new employees.  When you recruit someone from overseas to New Zealand as a new resident, there are some obligations towards them.

You are the first point of contact for the new migrant employee and he/she will be able to easily settle into the workplace with your support.  There will be a lot of challenges for them and their family but with your support and with the help of other organisations, they will be able to make the shift into their New Zealand life hassle free.

Migrant Connections Taranaki's local office can provide them and their families with a lot of information and assistance with their consistent needs and issues.  We can also connect them with their own ethnic communities and smoothen the transition when they commence employment.

You can help by:

1. Watching this YouTube video clip

  • Encouraging essential preparation before coming to New Zealand

  • Providing a warm welcome when new employees first arrive from overseas

  • Preparing your workplace to help your new employees feel at home

  • Telling them about New Zealand's employment conditions

  • Letting them know about agencies and other organisations that can help them to successfully settle.

Some useful links for employers:

New Zealand immigration - New ZealandNow

Auckland Chamber of Commerce - New Kiwis Website

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