Our Mission:

"Migrants and families are supported to successfully integrate into the Taranaki community."

Migrant Connections Taranaki - Supporting Migrants and Families into the Taranaki CommunityMigrant Connections Taranaki - Supporting Migrants and Families into the Taranaki Community

Phone: 06 7591492 Ext 8

Level 1 Vero Building

10-12 Devon St East, New Plymouth 4340


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Migrant Connections Taranaki - Supporting Migrants and Families into the Taranaki Community

How can we help you

Migrant Connection Taranaki in New Plymouth is a point of contact for migrants and their families who come to live in New Zealand and choose Taranaki as their home.  MCT will assist you to overcome the challenges in a new country and integrate well in the Taranaki community.

Migrant Connections Taranaki is an initiative to assist migrants and their families to get accustomed to the shift in culture and help them integrate into the local community, by providing ongoing support on a case by case basis with the skills, tools and networks they require to do so.

We strive to identify gaps and issues migrants face and find solutions working with local community organisations. We offer structured mentoring programs to empower, build confidence and direction.  We promote cultural awareness and have training volunteers.  We can organise English language communication skills for non-English speaking migrants and provide Job search help, voluntary work experience, E-Job search support, CV and job interview assistance,

We provide families with support, cultural guidance, fitting in, orientation and navigation, employers support and many more for migrants and their families

How can we help you?

The services we offer include:

  • Face to face service to provide you and your family assistance to integrate and successfully settle    
  • Individual referral on complex settlement related matters.
  • Support you with your consistent needs and issues.  Information about housing, tenancy, drivers    license, property, taxation, family issues, consumer rights and other general matters
  • Workshops on aspects of New Zealand that may be different to your home country such as Intercultural Awareness, NZ education system, employment, health, legal system etc.
  • Referral to employment and job search advice
  • Referral to community groups and other organisations
  • Structured mentoring programme for migrant families
  • Advice about the best English language course to meet your resettlement and employment needs
  • Access to Multilingual Language Line for non-English speaking clients
  • Referral to Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Council to link with the ethnic support network.

 This service aligns with, but also builds on, the service that will be operated by INZ and the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) from 1 July 2014.  Migrant Connections Taranaki will be working collaboratively with CAB in Taranaki.

Aim of Migrant Connections Taranaki
Migrant Connections Taranaki is a free service aimed at a broad migrant support which includes skilled and non-skilled migrants and their families.  The new MCT services will include:

1. Families Support:

  • Supporting migrant families with consistent needs &issues that continue to challenge them irrespective of age, culture and ethnicity
  • Support to build networks and ethnic community connections
  • Structured mentoring programme to assist with their goal setting and build on professional talents and skills

2. Cultural Guidance:

  • Raising the level of intercultural awareness through Treaty of Waitangi and cultural do’s and don’ts from both perspectives (migrant and local).

3. Fitting in:

  • Assisting with getting in touch with the right contacts for services such as community involvement, job search support etc.
  • Provide volunteering in-house to gain confidence and skills to later apply to their job hunting endeavours.

4. Service Orientation & Navigation:

  • Orientation on NCEA, health, taxation, housing and tenancy, legal, English language, counselling, human rights etc.

5. Employers Support:

  • Innovative approach developing partnership with employers
  • To fill the gap that the INZ new delivery model does not cover such as family support of migrant employees, workshops on matters generally found to affect migrants, such as communication and language difficulties.
  • Building awareness among local and migrant employers to improve working relationships

6. Changing Community Perceptions

  • Organising events in Taranaki to support International Migrants Day, Multi ethnic (Cultural) Extravaganza and United Nations Race Relations day.


Migrant Connections Taranaki - Supporting Migrants and Families into the Taranaki Community